With best regards,
Kirill Burdey
Our mission and principles
You need assistance to finding managing solutions that will enhance your company turnover and profits.
Action Research & Consulting has come into being to help our Clients make effective marketing decisions that will result in gaining higher ROI ratio and reinforcing the company value for every stakeholder.
A research company that differs. Why?
When we talk to our Clients, they frequently complain:
“It often happens so that research turns useless in making effective decisions. We do not need research for the sake of research. We need assistance to solving problems (collecting data per se is meaningless)…”

We have revealed several key reasons for marketing research being ineffective:
• Trivial recommendations
• Feeling of “being neglected” in-between projects
• Research is a kind of “black box”
• Research is a series of standard methods applied universally to everything
• A situation “now” rather than insight into the future
• “A thing in itself” – hard to be applied to real work

So, we have decided to change this situation.
Who we are?
Action Research & Consulting unites experts in marketing research with 15-year working experience that are eager to change this situation of “uselessness” and convert research into a powerful instrument of support to your decisions.
We are convinced that the only and one goal of marketing research is to lay grounds for proper decisions bearing positive impact on financial and other business results of our Clients. All our activities are in the framework of achieving tangible results in reaching this goal.